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 Power Systems Training at Your Fingertips

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E-Worx takes professional training out of the classroom and conveniently delivers it to employees using the latest e-learning technology. E-Worx is an instructional platform created specifically for Local Distribution Companies, to provide training content efficiently, conveniently and cost-effectively. Employees can study anywhere, anytime. All they need is access to a screen and an internet connection.

The five E-Worx course modules provide a solid foundation for those new to power distribution and are especially useful to anyone starting a career in power systems engineering. The course starts with the science and engineering behind power systems and then examines in detail the components that make up a modern distribution network.

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Essential power systems training provided by only the recognized experts.

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The E-Worx platform is available on all devices making it convenient.

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Learn when you want and at your own pace; pause or repeat sessions as you wish.

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   Clear and concise content delivery

    Enhanced and updated graphics

    User options for targeted training

    Easier to absorb information delivered in smaller sessions

  Train for the skills needed now

    Easy access for refresher training

    No "offsite" costs or expenses

    No need to schedule extended absences from regular assignments


How does it work?

Users can log on remotely and securely from anywhere, which means that training can be conveniently scheduled around work and family, reducing travel time for employees, travel costs for the company and virtually eliminating the need for extended absences from work in order to take courses.

Self-paced learning modules allow individuals to work through the material at their own speed, accommodating different learning styles and actually facilitating learning. Modules can be paused, rewound or repeated at any time for improved comprehension and retention.


With an easy-to-use dashboard you can:

  • monitor your user's activity with quick stats
  • manage users and their accounts
  • assign new training sessions
  • approve extension requests

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User Access

Your users can login to their personal dashboard to:

  • pause and repeat all available sessions
  • view their personal stats and progress
  • assign new training sessions

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